Tuesday, 21 February 2012

An overview, or something like that...

Hello reader(s)!

Welcome to the wittily entitled (said with optimism) ‘Uninhibited Blatherings’, a blog that will stand by it's title and do everything but deceive! The idea is to include a little bit of everything (stories, topical pieces, songs, poems, maybe even a few movie and album reviews). The main focus is development. I am an aspiring writer who has recently begun studying English Studies with Creative Writing which thusfar has been consistently funtabulerrific! (I tend to do that sometimes)

The intention of this blog is to create a running record of my work and development over the course of completing my degree. Though still experimenting with different forms/genres of writing, at the present I am thoroughly enjoying writing fiction. I have developed a collection of short stories, which generally incorporate elements of the bizarre and magical, in addition to those of the real. As I am a first year student, I am using this time to play around with writing styles in an attempt to find my niche within the writing world. In short the purpose of this blog is to encapsulate my journey as a writer.

I would hugely appreciate any feedback offered, even if it consists of seven dimensions of slander. Seriously, if it’s going to help - never hold back! I sincerely hope you enjoy my writing and can derive something positive from it (excluding material, that's where I draw the line!) 

I will update as soon as time permits J

Happy reading! 

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